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Contracting Services.

Total construction logistics, plus any contracting services you can imagine!

Contracting Companies in Dubai | Logical Contracting
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Leading contracting company in Dubai, since 2007.

After establishing our contracting division in 2007, we built its success and reputation by solving and reducing the key risks inherent in the day-to-day operations of complex construction projects.

Our team approaches these complexities by using ‘Systems Thinking’ to design simple, efficient and elegant solutions, that generate tangible benefits for everyone involved in a project, at any point in the project’s life-cycle.

This forward thinking approach ensured that Logical Contracting became one of the leading contracting companies in Dubai.

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Total Construction Logistics.

Our seamless solutions provide measurable and tangible deliverables while providing superior site security, within stringent parameters, to optimise performance.

We guarantee:

  • Outstanding site culture and integrated teamwork.
  • Economical project costing with minimal variance.
  • Exceptional on-site health and safety standards.
  • Minimal loss or damage to on-site materials.
  • Minor negative environmental impact.  
  • Accurate project timelines.
  • Minimal rework required.
  • Reliable suppliers.
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Logical Logistics.

We proudly provide the safest working environment, designed to fit your specific requirements. Our total logistics solution comprise a comprehensive offering of complementing services, including:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Construction
  • Admin Management

Additional Contracting Services.

Our comprehensive set of services cover every aspect of your project.

Decking Dubai | Logical Contracting

High-quality WPC Decking with both solid and hollow panels.

Painting Dubai | Logical Contracting

Interior & exterior painting services for a vast variety of buildings including villas, warehouses, and more.

Plumbing Dubai | Logical Contracting

Comprehensive plumbing services to fulfil any requirements.

Gypsum Board Dubai | Logical Contracting
Gypsum Board

Various types of Gypsum installations including linings for ceilings, roofs, floors and walls, as well as partitioning.

Car Park Shade Dubai | Logical Contracting
Car Park Shade

Complete Car Park Shading solutions.

Interlocking Dubai | Logical Contracting

Interlocking services across a host of applications including driveways and pavements among others.

Steel Fabrication Dubai | Logical Contracting
Steel Fabrication

A variety of Steel Fabrication services including cutting, bending and welding.

Earth Work Dubai | Logical Contracting
Earth Work

Levelling, grading, filling, compacting, and shifting sand services.

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The simple solution for your complex projects.

When entrusting your construction site projects to us,
you’re guaranteed a complete logistics solution, from
pre-mobilisation, right through to site-clearance
after the project’s completion.

Our unique logistics solution boasts a custom-designed system, implemented and managed by a team of professionals, each a specialist in their designated roles.

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The logical choice

Our unique logistics solution boasts a custom-designed system, implemented and managed by a team of professionals, each a specialist in their designated roles.

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