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Total construction logistics, plus any contracting services you can imagine!

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Leading contracting company in Dubai, since 2007.

After establishing our contracting division in 2007, we built its success and reputation by solving and reducing the key risks inherent in the day-to-day operations of complex construction projects.

Our team approaches these complexities by using ‘Systems Thinking’ to design simple, efficient and elegant solutions, that generate tangible benefits for everyone involved in a project, at any point in the project’s life-cycle.

This forward thinking approach ensured that Logical Contracting became one of the leading contracting companies in Dubai.

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Total Construction Logistics.

Our seamless solutions provide measurable and tangible deliverables while providing superior site security, within stringent parameters, to optimise performance.

We guarantee:

  • Outstanding site culture and integrated teamwork.
  • Economical project costing with minimal variance.
  • Exceptional on-site health and safety standards.
  • Minimal loss or damage to on-site materials.
  • Minor negative environmental impact.  
  • Accurate project timelines.
  • Minimal rework required.
  • Reliable suppliers.
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Logical Logistics.

We proudly provide the safest working environment, designed to fit your specific requirements. Our total logistics solution comprise a comprehensive offering of complementing services, including:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Construction
  • Admin Management

Additional Contracting Services.

Our comprehensive set of services cover every aspect of your project.

Decking Dubai | Logical Contracting

High-quality WPC Decking with both solid and hollow panels.

Painting Dubai | Logical Contracting

Interior & exterior painting services for a vast variety of buildings including villas, warehouses, and more.

Plumbing Dubai | Logical Contracting

Comprehensive plumbing services to fulfil any requirements.

Gypsum Board Dubai | Logical Contracting
Gypsum Board

Various types of Gypsum installations including linings for ceilings, roofs, floors and walls, as well as partitioning.

Car Park Shade Dubai | Logical Contracting
Car Park Shade

Complete Car Park Shading solutions.

Interlocking Dubai | Logical Contracting

Interlocking services across a host of applications including driveways and pavements among others.

Steel Fabrication Dubai | Logical Contracting
Steel Fabrication

A variety of Steel Fabrication services including cutting, bending and welding.

Earth Work Dubai | Logical Contracting
Earth Work

Levelling, grading, filling, compacting, and shifting sand services.

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The simple solution for your complex projects.

When entrusting your construction site projects to us,
you’re guaranteed a complete logistics solution, from
pre-mobilisation, right through to site-clearance
after the project’s completion.

Our unique logistics solution boasts a custom-designed system, implemented and managed by a team of professionals, each a specialist in their designated roles.

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The logical choice

Our unique logistics solution boasts a custom-designed system, implemented and managed by a team of professionals, each a specialist in their designated roles.

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FAQ's Section

Questions & Answers


1. How does Logical Contracting manage to minimise project costs compared to other contracting companies in Dubai?

Logical Contracting reduces project costs by applying rigorous value engineering principles. We meticulously analyse each project component for its necessity, cost-effectiveness, and potential for improvement or substitution with a more economical option. We believe that smart design and planning can deliver superior results without inflating costs. Furthermore, our proactive communication strategy with clients and stakeholders helps us align expectations and minimise costly changes or delays.

2. As one of the leading contracting companies in the UAE, how does Logical Contracting manage the risks inherent in the operations of complex construction projects?

At Logical Contracting, we tackle the inherent risks of complex construction projects through a combination of experienced personnel, advanced technology, and a proactive approach. Our team's extensive industry knowledge allows us to foresee potential issues and create pre-emptive solutions. We leverage technology for real-time monitoring and early detection of risks, facilitating quick, effective responses.

Additionally, our proactive communication strategy keeps all stakeholders informed, fostering collaborative problem-solving. This comprehensive risk management approach has cemented our position as a leading contracting company in the UAE.

3. What practices do contracting companies like Logical Contracting employ to minimise environmental impact?

We strive to minimise environmental impact through a combination of strategic planning and sustainable practices. For example, we prioritise using materials and processes with a lower environmental footprint, such as green building materials and energy-saving technologies.

Our waste management strategy includes strict procedures for waste reduction, segregation, and recycling.

Furthermore, we conduct routine environmental impact assessments to monitor and reduce our environmental footprint, ensuring our operations remain as green as possible.

4. How do contracting companies such as Logical Contracting ensure minimal loss or damage to on-site materials on my construction site?

Our approach to minimising loss or damage to on-site materials involves meticulous planning and careful management. We start by accurately estimating the required materials, ensuring we order only what's necessary. Then, on delivery, these materials are securely stored in designated areas, protected from environmental hazards. We also maintain stringent control over material usage and conduct regular audits to prevent any wastage or mishandling, ensuring your project is both cost-effective and efficient.

5. What are the benefits of hiring a general contracting company for my construction project?

The benefits of working with a general contracting company like ours are multi-fold. We coordinate all aspects of the project, eliminating the stress of managing multiple subcontractors. We also have established relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, which can lead to cost and time savings. Additionally, we manage risk, enforce safety protocols, and ensure the project complies with all regulations. Our expertise also aids in problem-solving and managing unforeseen issues, ensuring your project stays on track.

6. How does Logical Contracting ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations in the UAE?

As one of the leading general contracting companies in the UAE, we prioritise compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Our commitment is demonstrated through rigorous training of our experienced team, diligent oversight of our operations, and consistent consultation with local regulatory authorities. Our team is well-versed in UAE building codes, ensuring each project we undertake meets or exceeds these standards.

We stay updated on any changes in regulations and have a dedicated compliance officer to oversee this critical aspect of our operations. Our commitment to regulatory compliance not only helps avoid penalties but is also a cornerstone of our ethos in delivering safe, high-quality, and sustainable construction projects. This ensures we protect our clients while contributing to the overall safety and quality of the building environment.

7. Does Logical Contracting have in-house experts for all aspects of its total construction logistics?

Absolutely. At Logical Contracting, we pride ourselves on having an extensive team of over 110 professionals, each with a unique area of expertise. Our team encompasses a wide range of domains, including Civil and Electrical Engineering, Operations, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, IT, Construction, and Administrative Management. These specialists work in unison to deliver a holistic solution for your construction logistics needs. They ensure cost-effective project execution, exceptional safety measures, minimised material loss, and adherence to project timelines, all while maintaining minimal environmental impact.

8. Which prestigious projects has Logical Contracting been involved in?

Logical Contracting takes pride in its involvement in several prestigious projects, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to excellence. One notable project where we have made a significant impact is the Palm Jumeirah Development in Dubai. We replaced the old steel hoarding with 15,000 linear meters of our Eco-Logical PVC hoarding, providing enhanced safety and security while maintaining the project's professional image.

In addition, we have had the privilege of contributing to the Museum of the Future in Dubai. Our installation of branded Eco-Logical Hoarding, ranging in heights of 2.4 meters and 4.0 meters, added a touch of professionalism to this futuristic exhibition space, ensuring safety and security during construction.

Furthermore, our involvement in the Warner Brothers project in Abu Dhabi showcased our expertise. By installing both 2.4-meter and 4.0-meter high PVC hoarding, we provided essential security measures to support the safe development of the renowned Warner Bros site.

These projects are just a few examples of the prestigious endeavours where Logical Contracting has left its mark, consistently delivering outstanding solutions in the construction industry.

9. How does Logical Contracting manage and minimise rework requirements during construction projects?

Logical Contracting implements a systematic approach to manage and minimise rework requirements during construction projects. Our focus lies in meticulous planning, accurate documentation, and robust quality control processes. We begin by developing comprehensive project plans that outline detailed timelines, resource allocation, and material specifications. This ensures that all aspects of the project are well-coordinated from the start, minimising the likelihood of errors or rework.

Throughout the construction phase, we maintain a rigorous quality control system, conducting regular inspections and audits to promptly identify and rectify any issues. Our emphasis on clear communication and collaboration among our team, subcontractors, and clients further helps to mitigate potential rework requirements. By adhering to stringent standards and proactive management, we strive to deliver construction projects with minimal rework, ensuring efficiency and client satisfaction.

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