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Complete logistics solution and complementing services, from pre-mobilisation, right through to post-project site-clearance.

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Hoarding and permanent fencing solutions that provide superior security, while maintaining your professional corporate image.

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We design, manufacture, install and maintain a vast range of signage and outdoor media, from simple wall graphics, to full building wraps!

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1. What is your company's track record for completing projects on time?

At Logical Contracting, we pride ourselves on being timely and accurate, qualities that have made us one of the go-to construction companies in the UAE. We have a strong history of completing numerous projects within the set timelines, which speaks to our careful planning and disciplined approach. We understand that delivering projects on time is crucial for our clients' business goals, and we're committed to maintaining this standard. You can count on us to turn your vision into reality efficiently, skillfully, and with the highest quality.

2. Do you offer turnkey solutions or specialise in specific aspects of construction?

In the construction industry, Logical Contracting stands out for its comprehensive turnkey solutions. We don't just specialise in specific aspects of construction; we handle the entire process from start to finish. Our team takes care of everything - from initial design and planning to construction and final touches. This all-inclusive approach ensures a seamless execution and a final product that aligns with your vision. With Logical Contracting, you get the convenience of a single point of contact and the assurance of quality and timeliness.

3. What types of signage does your contracting company provide?

At Logical Contracting, we cover all aspects of sign board manufacturing, installation, and maintenance in the digital printing and signs market, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create innovative, custom solutions. We offer temporary site hoardings, banners, and sports advertising boards to publicise your new project or company across diverse platforms like sports arenas, exhibition halls, and construction sites.

One of our standout offerings is our Eco Logical PVC Hoarding, which features off-white flat PVC panels that can be customised with your branding. This not only enhances site safety and security but also doubles as a powerful advertising tool, showcasing your company's professionalism to the public.

By integrating architecture and graphic design with our professional expertise, we produce eye-catching architectural signs for a wide array of venues, from retail parks and shopping centres to corporate offices and hotels. With Logical Contracting, you can be confident that your signage will make a lasting impression.

4. What types of fencing solutions does your contracting company offer for construction projects?

We offer a wide array of fencing solutions for your construction needs, ranging from providing and installing temporary fencing and hoarding to more specialised solutions, such as our Eco Logical PVC Hoarding, designed for site safety, security, and branding. We also supply flexible chain-link fences with options for single crank, double crank, or no crank, all made with galvanised and PVC-coated mesh for increased durability.

Additionally, we offer adaptable mesh fences that can fit all standard sizes. Our primary focus is on providing high-security fencing solutions, recognising the importance of strong protection against potential intruders. All of our fencing solutions are expertly designed to provide enhanced security while maintaining full access control for vehicles and pedestrians.

5. Can your company handle large-scale hoarding installations for major construction projects in the UAE?

Logical Contracting is well-equipped to handle large-scale hoarding needs for major construction projects across the United Arab Emirates. Our team of skilled professionals, along with advanced technology and robust resources, enable us to manage expansive hoarding requirements effectively. We have a strong track record of servicing numerous clients with varied needs, from temporary fencing to Eco Logical PVC Hoarding. Our capacity to deliver high-quality results, even on a large scale, is testament to our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

6. Can your hoardings be customised to include branding or advertising for my construction project?

Yes, at Logical Contracting, we believe hoardings can be more than just a safety feature – they can be a platform for your branding or advertising efforts. We offer customised hoarding solutions designed to feature your company's branding or advertise your construction project. Our team is committed to creating a solution that meets your needs and helps raise the profile of your project or company in a professional and effective way.

7. Could you share some examples of successful projects your company has completed in the construction industry?

Logical Contracting has a robust portfolio of successful projects in the construction industry, ranging from smaller projects to more extensive fence installations. One of our significant accomplishments was at the Palm Jumeirah Development in Dubai, where we replaced the previous steel hoarding with 15,000 linear meters of our own Eco-Logical PVC hoarding. This not only provided enhanced safety and security but also maintained the project's professional image.

We also played a significant role in developing the Museum of the Future in Dubai. We installed branded Eco-Logical Hoarding in heights of 2.4 meters and 4.0 meters, adding a touch of professionalism and ensuring safety and security during the construction phase.

Another remarkable project in our portfolio is the Warner Brothers project in Abu Dhabi. We installed both 2.4-meter and 4.0-meter high PVC hoarding, underscoring our commitment to safety and demonstrating our expertise in catering to diverse project requirements.

In the iconic Motor City project in Dubai, we showcased our capability to handle large-scale operations by supplying Union Properties with our 2.2m high steel panels hoarding. Moreover, we were trusted with providing 2.4m high Eco Logical PVC hoarding for the construction of New York University in Abu Dhabi.

These projects highlight our expertise in large-scale fence installations and underscore our reliability and commitment to excellence in the construction industry.

8. How do you maintain your reputation as one of the top construction companies in the UAE?

We maintain our reputation through unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and a strong foundation of experience and discipline. Our team of over 110 professionals across various fields, including civil and mechanical engineering, operations, manufacturing, and more, work relentlessly to exceed client expectations. Whether it's a traditional contract, direct sales, or a full partnering agreement, we tailor our approach to meet the exact requirements of each project. This flexible approach, combined with our proven track record, ensures high-quality results that enhance our clients' business operations.

9. Do all your fencing solutions adhere to the Dubai Building Code requirements?

Yes, absolutely. At Logical Contracting, we understand the importance of adhering to the highest safety and quality standards, including the Dubai Building Code requirements. We ensure that all our fencing solutions, from temporary fences to our proprietary Eco Logical PVC Hoarding, are designed and installed in strict compliance with these regulations. This commitment to adherence ensures the safety and durability of our products, providing our clients with peace of mind and the highest level of satisfaction.

10. What are the benefits of your Eco Logical PVC Hoarding?

Our Eco Logical PVC Hoarding offers numerous advantages that make it a top choice for site safety, security, and branding. It is not only recyclable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability, but it also offers UV protection, ensuring durability even in harsh weather conditions. The uPVC Eco Sheet incorporated in the design offers both UV and colour stability, which means your branding remains vibrant and resistant to fading and staining over time.

Furthermore, the material has a fire protection grading, providing an added layer of safety. Beyond these functional benefits, the sleek design of our Eco Logical PVC Hoarding presents a professional façade, helping to uphold the image of your business in the public and commercial world.

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